A computer systems engineer, Amita Vadlamudi has vast experience with a U.S. based financial services company working in the field of Information Technology (IT). During her many years in the field, Amita Vadlamudi has worked with particular emphasis on supporting the mainframe and distributed systems of her company’s IT infrastructure.

Some of her particular specialties include network management, including building and supporting Secure Transport FTP transmissions infrastructure. She also has worked to support Unix systems that run on Solaris and IBM’s Advanced Interactive eXecutive operating systems. She has managed the installation and maintenance of numerous software products, such as Veritas Volume Manager Suite and Veritas Cluster Server. Ms. Vadlamudi has also expanded her knowledge to include recovery suites such as Symantec’s NetBackup for server recovery.

Amita Vadlamudi is a graduate of a well-known college in Jersey City, New Jersey. She completed a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science in 1981. Ms. Vadlamudi also worked to enhance her skills at a county college, where she took full semester courses in the fields of computing and communications, with a specific focus on the computer languages Java, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, and Visual Basic as well as Speech and Presentation skills. To further develop her speaking and leadership skills, Amita Vadlamudi was a member of Toastmasters International for a number of years.

A supporter of public media corporations including PBS and NPR, Amita Vadlamudi also supports a number of humanitarian organizations that help people in need such as UNICEF, the Red Cross, and CARE. Furthermore, she volunteers her time at a library. She enjoys reading non-fiction books and having a good picnic outdoors